Mandated Notices 

Child Find

In an effort to serve young people with disabilities, school districts in Ohio are in the process of locating and evaluating children from birth through 21 years of age.  Disabilities may include developmental delays, health impairments, autism and traumatic brain injury.

Individuals may contact local school districts about children who may have a disability and may be eligible for special education services.   For more information, please contact the Student Services Director, Bonnie Brown, at 330-893-2610 Ext #1007.   By law, all inquiries are treated confidentially.  

Federal Funds

East Holmes Local Schools applies annually for Federal grant monies which are used in six of the elementary schools for the purpose of student centered reading and mathematics remediation programming. Federal Funding is variable in nature from year to year, as numerous factors go into determining final allocations in the regions of Title I, Title II-A, and Title III.  Items such as state and local poverty levels, district student enrollment numbers, and district English as second language percentage students, are considered as the state determines the districts total allocation. Public views are sought on the proposed budget for the expenditures of Federal monies granted to the East Holmes Local School District through the Ohio Department of Education. Residents of the East Holmes Local School District are asked to direct any budget inquiries for Federal Funds to Jon Wilson, Federal Programs, Curriculum, and Testing Administrator at 330-893-2665. 

  • Federal Programs - Title I

           Funding allocated to Title I supports students in reading and math through the employment of building Title I teachers.

  • Federal Programs- Title II-A

          Monies noted as Title II-A provides high quality research-based professional development initiatives for district staff.

  • Federal Programs- Title III

          Funding from this grant implements strong language development programs for the district's English Language Learners.


Policy of Non-Discrimination

The East Holmes Local School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or religion in the education programs and/or activities operated by the district. In so far as employment opportunities, the district considers applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, the presence of a non-job related medical condition or handicap, or any other legally protected status. The district is an equal opportunity employer. 


Notice of Parent/Guardian Rights

Parental Consent to Access Public Benefits (Medicaid)

The Ohio Medicaid School Program

East Holmes Local Schools has the opportunity to receive Federal Medicaid dollars through a program called the Ohio Medicaid School Program (MSP). Through this program, school districts can receive Medicaid dollars for services such as Speech, Audiology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Psychology, Counseling, and Social Work services. The district can receive funding when a student receives one or more of these services and the student has current Medicaid insurance coverage. In the process of billing Medicaid for these services, certain billing information must be shared with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. Before the district can submit claim data for Medicaid billing purposes, we must first obtain a signed Parental Consent to Share Information and Access Medicaid.

This annual notice is to inform you of all of your legal protections and rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Your consent is voluntary. You have the right under 34 CFR Part 99 and Part 300 to withdraw your consent at any time. You are not required to enroll in Medicaid. Billing Medicaid will not require you to incur any out-of-pocket expenses such as a deductible or co-pay, decrease lifetime coverage, increase premiums or lead to the discontinuation of benefits, or result in you paying for services that would otherwise be covered by Medicaid. No matter whether you grant consent, refuse consent, or revoke your consent, your child will still be provided with an evaluation and/or the services listed in their IEP at no cost to you.

For a more detailed explanation of Medicaid Parental Consent, please see the following Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

34 CFR 300.154

34 CFR 300.503

34 CFR 300.622

34 CFR 99.30

For specific questions regarding the Medicaid School Program Parental Consent, please contact Tracey Bender at Tri-County Educational Service Center 330-345-6771 or

Notice of Parent/Guardian Rights

Every Student Succeeds Act (Public Law 114-95), Section 1112 (e)(1)(A) - Parent's Rights-to-Know