Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Walnut Creek Elementary School.  Our history goes back nearly 100 years.  Many don’t know this, but Walnut Creek School was once a High School.  Their nickname was the Cardinals.   They had one of the State’s best basketball teams during the 1950-51 season.  They were eventually knocked off in the Regional Finals.  They also had a competitive football team during the early 1950’s.

Fast forward to 2023.  We currently start the day with 148 enthusiastic, world changing students.  Combine that with a very talented staff and we have the recipe for winning every day.  We hang our hats on the Three Pillars that reflect the values of our community.

  1. Do Your Best: Bringing it every day is a winning habit we instill in our students.  

  2. Do What’s Right:  Not only doing it to the best of your ability, but doing it the “right way.”  Integrity is a term that is often used in our buildings.  No shortcuts!  Take the road less traveled and do it the right way.

  3. Put Others First:  This pillar is just as important as the first two pillars.  Motivation has to be others centered.  What a joy it is to watch our students model this attitude.  

We want the very best for our students, staff, and community and are committed to making that a reality. 

Darrell Haven

Principal's Welcome