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Middle School Camp Performances - $5 (online or at the door one hour prior)

High School Musical - $10 (online or at the door one hour prior)

Musical Dinner Gala (includes Saturday musical ticket) - $25 (online only, purchase by 11/15)

High School Spring Play - $10 (online or at the door one hour prior)

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Full 2021-2022 Hiland Theatre Season Details

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Recess! The Musical: Middle School Musical Summer Camp

Directing Team:

Miss Ellie Zumbach, Director

Mr. Alexander Looney and Mrs. Melanie Clay, Camp Consultants/Assistants 

What: one-week theatre camp open to East Holmes students, grades 5-8 culminating in two performances of a junior musical.

When: Monday, June 6 - Friday, June 10 - 9:00am-12:00pm

Where: Hiland Auditorium

Performances: Friday, June 10 - 3:00pm and 6:00pm in the Hiland Auditorium

Registration: Registration is now closed and full. To be added to the waiting list please email

Registration opensed in March, deadline for registration was April 25

$50 for cast- 30 spaces now filled- will attend Monday-Friday 

$35 for tech students - 3 spaces available - will attend Wednesday-Friday

Attendance Requirements: All campers will be expected to attend the initial read-through rehearsal in May; actors may have a small number of rehearsals in May as well; see above for attendance for actors and tech students

High School Students: opportunity to apply to be leaders and counselors, more information to come in the fall from Miss Zumbach 


Show Information:

Okay, class, pop quiz time.  What do you get when you mix a young substitute teacher with a classroom full of the seemingly dumbest (and funniest) pupils found anywhere?  A wise-cracking musical that’s sure to put a smile on the principal’s face, that’s what.  When Miss Quackenbush takes over a class at the Little Red Schoolhouse, she soon discovers why the previous teacher had a nervous breakdown.  Bad poetry, mice in the lunch boxes, and a student with the measles is enough to drive anyone crazy.  Unless the likable but hare-brained pupils can pass a simple exam, they won’t advance to the next grade.  It’s one inane answer after another as Miss Quackenbush tries to promote this bunch of block heads outta here.  It won’t be easy, though.  Only a fool would want to leave this school. Snappy tunes such as ’To Be A Teacher,’ ’Recess,’ and ’We’re A Dunce’ will put your production at the head of its class!

Radium Girls: High School Spring Play

Directing Team:

Mrs. Melanie Clay, Director

Mr. Alexander Looney, Assistant Director 

Mrs. Jenny Bauer, Co-Costumer/Make-Up

Miss Honoree Pouly, Co-Costumer/Make-Up

Show Information:

In 1926, radium was a miracle cure, Madame Curie an international celebrity, and luminous wristwatches the latest rage—until the girls who painted them began to fall ill with a mysterious disease. Inspired by a true story, Radium Girls traces the efforts of Grace Fryer, a dial painter, as she fights for her day in court. Her chief adversary is her former employer, Arthur Roeder, an idealistic man who cannot bring himself to believe that the same element that shrinks tumors could have anything to do with the terrifying rash of illnesses among his employees. As the case goes on, however, Grace finds herself battling not just with the U.S. Radium Corporation, but with her own family and friends, who fear that her campaign for justice will backfire. Written with warmth and humor, Radium Girls is a fast-moving, highly theatrical ensemble piece with more than 30 parts—friends, co-workers, lovers, relatives, attorneys, scientists, consumer advocates, and myriad interested bystanders. Called a "powerful" and "engrossing" drama by critics, Radium Girls offers a wry, unflinching look at the peculiarly American obsessions with health, wealth, and the commercialization of science.


Day 1: Tuesday, February 1 - 3:00pm-4:30pm

Day 2: Wednesday, February 2 - 3:00pm-4:30pm

Students show up for Day 1 OR Day 2 to audition. No preparation needed for auditions. 

Friday, February 4 - Cast List Posted (2:40pm, Outside Auditorium)


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: High School Fall Musical Details 

Directing Team:

Mr. Alexander Looney, Co-Director

Mrs. Melanie Clay, Co-Director

Mrs. Jenny Bauer, Co-Costumer/Make-Up

Miss Honoree Pouly, Co-Costumer/Make-Up


Show Information:

“Sha la la, Joseph, you’re doing fine! You and your dreamcoat, ahead of your time!” One of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a reimagining of the Biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven brothers and the coat of many colors. Told entirely through song with the help of two main character Narrators, the musical follows preferred son Joseph. After being sold into slavery by his brothers, he ingratiates himself with Egyptian noble Potiphar, but ends up in jail after refusing the amorous advances of Potiphar’s wife. While imprisoned, Joseph discovers his ability to interpret dreams, and he soon finds himself in front of the mighty but troubled -- and Elvis-inspired -- Pharaoh. Joseph’s solution to Egypt’s famine elevates him to Pharaoh’s right-hand man and reunites him with his family. This magical musical is full of catchy songs in a variety of styles, from a parody of French ballads (“Those Canaan Days”), to country-western (“One More Angel in Heaven”) and calypso (“Benjamin Calypso”), along with the unforgettable classics “Any Dream Will Do” and “Close Every Door.” Appropriate for all audiences and groups, Joseph is performed hundreds of times a year by schools across North America, the U.K. and around the world. Special casting this year will feature Superintendent Erik H. Beun as Joseph’s father, Jacob.



Day 1: Monday, August 30 - 3:00pm-5:00pm - Choir Room

Day 2: Tuesday, August 31 - 3:00pm-5:00pm - Choir Room


Students sign up for Day 1 OR Day 2 to audition. Group choreography auditions from 3:00pm-3:45pm with individual vocal auditions immediately following. No preparation needed for choreography. 


Friday, September 3 - Cast List Posted (2:40pm, Outside Auditorium)

Musical Dinner Gala

Saturday, November 20 - 5:30 pm - Hiland Cafeteria

Tickets - $25 (includes a ticket to the production on Saturday, November 20 at 7:00pm)


*An elegant evening with a full course dinner, live music, cast meet/greet, and more! 

*Full course dinner catered by Log Cabin Catering 

*Fundraiser for the Hiland Theatre Department