Social Media Awareness

Social Media Awareness

Social Media Awareness In our efforts to support students in making healthy and positive life choices we want to make parents aware of select social media platforms that give us great concern:

“After School”

This is an app that targets middle school and high school students. The app is marketed as a private message board for individual schools where students can engage in conversation anonymously.

I want to emphasis that this app is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the East Holmes School District, or any other school district for that matter.

In many cases nation-wide this app is used by students to anonymously engage in behavior that is disrespectful, hurtful, and profane. This app is also used nation-wide to display graphic and sexually explicit content.

Considering that this app allows postings that occur completely outside the school district’s control, and because this app allows anonymous postings, there is little the school district can do to eliminate this unhealthy threat to student well-being; or help in identifying users.

According to this app Hiland HS & MS students currently have over 200 open accounts!

“Blue Whale Game/Challenge”

Blue Whale Game/Challenge is an activity played on social networks. The game/challenge encourages participants to engage in increasingly dangerous and unhealthy behaviors; culminating in a challenge to commit suicide. Users are encouraged to tag friends on social media and challenge them to participate in the game.

The game can reach students through social media channels such as Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, and through texting.

“Any app or social media network that allows your child to communicate anonymously.”

In almost all situations, when issues of bullying and disrespect using social media are brought to the attention of school officials, the situation involves students using apps and social networks that allow for anonymous communication.

As parents monitor their children’s use of social media they should call into question any app that they find that their child has downloaded on their device that allows them to communicate anonymously. The question should be asked, “For what healthy purpose should a child be engaged in anonymous conversation?”

Please follow this link to learn more about student use of apps that allow for anonymous communication.


Please note that the East Holmes School District filters access to inappropriate internet content.

The challenges confronting parents and schools today are greater than they have ever been. Social media platforms have created opportunities for students to engage in unhealthy and disrespectful behavior, without the knowledge of their parents, and with the ability to engage in the behavior anonymously.

Parents, schools, and community must be vigilant in our efforts to communicate expectations for student behavior using social media; and ever watchful that students are complying with those expectations.

We ask that all parents have ongoing and continued conversations with their children regarding use of social media.

Please see the following links that can assist you in your effort to keep your child safe and healthy:

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