1:1 Hiland Parent Letter


1:1 Parent Letter

Dear Parents,

We are excited to inform you that the East Holmes Local School District will be supplying each Hiland student in grades 7-12 with a Chromebook laptop for school and home use in the 2018-2019 school year. We recognize that education, much like the world, is changing exponentially and our goal is to equip our students and staff with a device that will provide endless resources and allow them to be proficient users of information.

In the 2012 school year, our AP Biology students began using Chromebooks to access digital content at school and at home to enhance their learning. Since then, the district has purchased and received grant funding to add an additional 250 Chromebooks that are currently shared classroom to classroom in carts. Our staff and students have felt the benefits of incorporating those devices in daily instruction and are continuing to grow in their learning about best practices of blending the traditional classroom with digital, student led learning.

For these reasons and more, we are committed to a 1:1 initiative where every student will have access to and be responsible for a Chromebook, and each teacher will continue to develop engaging lessons that incorporate the best of traditional and digital learning.  Please know that Hiland staff members are working diligently to create policies and protections to ensure safe and appropriate use that results in an engaging classroom experience.

The success of this initiative and implementation takes partnership of all involved including, school staff, administration, students, parents, and community. We invite you to be an active part of this process, so we may work together to support the importance of our students’ future and our personal commitment to lifelong learning. We invite your input and questions at any time throughout this process. Committees are continuing to meet throughout the school year and will be sharing more information with you in the near future. You can receive updates by following us @HilandHigh on Twitter or following the Hiland High and Middle School Facebook page. Please feel free to contact our administrators at any time by emailing 1-1@eastholmes.org.


Hiland Staff



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